It can be too easy to delay activities, when the times are tough!

Richard McPhail, LeaderBrand GM, had planned an operational strategy session with his team. This unfortunately coincided with Level 4 isolation due to COVID19.
It would have been easy to simply push this out and delay the focus on some key improvements with his leadership team.
LMAC worked with Richard to find the best solution. Accepting that this was a compromised approach, we acknowledged the things outside our control and focused on ‘what else can we do’.
We quickly developed a solution and delivered this over 2 interactive sessions using Zoom and virtual whiteboards.

‘We didn’t need to delay, that would have been easy. We were able to build team engagement and agree on the 4 main objectives for the next 12 months.
Whilst a face to face session would have likely been more engaging, we achieved 90% of this and still got the right outcome with my leadership team buying into it’
Richard McPhail

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Complete the questions below to test your data maturity.

Over the next two years, which three of the 14 key performance indicators do you most want to improve on as a business?

Make a note of these before you carry on reading.

The key 14 performance indicator categories:


  • Asset & equipment efficiency
  • Inventory efficiency
  • Materials efficiency
  • Utilities efficiency
  • Workforce efficiency


  • Planning & scheduling effectiveness
  • Production flexibility
  • Workforce flexibility


  • Time to market
  • Time to delivery


  • Product quality
  • Process quality
  • Safety
  • Security

Now ask yourself – what is your current performance against these three KPIs? Can you tell me how you performed in the last hour, yesterday or last week?

If you can’t answer this question for all three because you aren’t measuring the data, then the next step is clear. Figure out what data you need to enable you to measure it, and decide how you are going to collect that data.

If you can answer it historically; last week or last month – ask yourself, is this retrospective view sufficient for me to really make improvements?

If you can answer it for all three up to the minute, then it is quite possible that shopfloor intelligence isn’t a number one priority for you. Look out for parts 2 and 3 of this blog series for some more insights into how you can make the data work for you.