LMAC looks to the future of work

Over the last three years, LMAC have invested heavily in R&D and partnership development in anticipation of the next big change for manufacturers — integrated technology that will deliver a much needed increase in future facing productivity.

For too long, the world has relied heavily upon cheap overseas labour to feed our appetite for cheap products. With hindsight, we can now see this was never going to be sustainable in the long term. As a new, more enlightened generation of consumers emerge, the ethical and environmental footprint of their purchases is becoming more important to them.

For on-shore manufacturers, the integration of new technologies will be critical in order for them to grasp the opportunities ahead. But for many manufacturers, figuring out the “what” and “how” of technology will be a challenge. 

One of the things LMAC prides itself on is its ability to help our clients establish what to tackle first on this strategic journey. We look for problems to solve first rather than trying to shoehorn technology in for the sake of it. One of our priorities is to display real business benefit to the leaders of the businesses we work with.

Start with the problem, not a solution

Many technology providers start with a solution and then look for problems to fix with it. We take a different approach. By partnering with leading experts in technology, we can select the best solution for the problems our clients are facing. 

Some of our partners include:

Litmus Data Tech: The capability of machines to produce data is growing exponentially as Industry 4.0 sweeps into the manufacturing and processing industries. To enable a full end-to-end Industry 4.0 solution for our customers, Litmus and LMAC have combined their skills to provide New Zealand SMEs with world leading Industry 4.0 solutions.

The expertise Litmus brings has been applied to the optimisation of robotics production lines through to process engineering improvements in the food manufacturing sector. This is where data, AI, and machines meet.

Probotics: A pioneer in the delivery of innovative process improvement solutions. 50 + successful projects in the past three years using products such as UiPath, ABBYY and ReactJS. Their history leverages off 19 years of assisting clients to improve business efficiency through the use of technology.

Kaptura: A factory first focus’ with edge to anywhere’ data intelligence platforms to enable integration of processes and systems across all levels of the automation pyramid within a facility to establish a connected, end-to-end data thread.

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Complete the questions below to test your data maturity.

Over the next two years, which three of the 14 key performance indicators do you most want to improve on as a business?

Make a note of these before you carry on reading.

The key 14 performance indicator categories:


  • Asset & equipment efficiency
  • Inventory efficiency
  • Materials efficiency
  • Utilities efficiency
  • Workforce efficiency


  • Planning & scheduling effectiveness
  • Production flexibility
  • Workforce flexibility


  • Time to market
  • Time to delivery


  • Product quality
  • Process quality
  • Safety
  • Security

Now ask yourself – what is your current performance against these three KPIs? Can you tell me how you performed in the last hour, yesterday or last week?

If you can’t answer this question for all three because you aren’t measuring the data, then the next step is clear. Figure out what data you need to enable you to measure it, and decide how you are going to collect that data.

If you can answer it historically; last week or last month – ask yourself, is this retrospective view sufficient for me to really make improvements?

If you can answer it for all three up to the minute, then it is quite possible that shopfloor intelligence isn’t a number one priority for you. Look out for parts 2 and 3 of this blog series for some more insights into how you can make the data work for you.