Virtual Whiteboards

In recent weeks many of our clients have been making the transition from running face to face team meetings to holding remote and online team reviews. We have been providing support to a number of these teams as they work through this change to help ensure that they stay both highly cohesive and able to meet any challenges that arise while continuing to progress towards their key results.

One aspect of the support we have been providing is to ensure the effectiveness of their regular team reviews.

To help them with this we have consolidated the core content for the team review, see following:

The above has been developed around a couple of key principles that we know leads to highly effective team reviews which include:

  • Fact and data should be used to track performance, identify problems and inform decision making
  • The team should look back at how they have performed and also look forwards to plan what’s coming up, pro-actively
  • There should be an action focus to the review (capture, follow-up and ownership)
  • Problems should be identified and solved using a systematic problem solving process
  • There should always be a space within the review and a prompt to support multi-directional communications

To enable these virtual reviews to be effective and support good team collaboration we have begun to build the above elements electronically and have found that Miro (an online whiteboard) is useful for this. Team specific content can be developed to prompt the reverent discussion points and it also lets all team members work on the whiteboard simultaneously, allowing real time collaboration to take place – think virtual post-it note galore!


Teams can quickly adapt to new ways of working and still continue to hold on to the core principles that ensure they can go on operating as a high performing, effective and cohesive team.

If you would like any help with your team reviews, the platform, content, flow or approach please get in touch.

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Complete the questions below to test your data maturity.

Over the next two years, which three of the 14 key performance indicators do you most want to improve on as a business?

Make a note of these before you carry on reading.

The key 14 performance indicator categories:


  • Asset & equipment efficiency
  • Inventory efficiency
  • Materials efficiency
  • Utilities efficiency
  • Workforce efficiency


  • Planning & scheduling effectiveness
  • Production flexibility
  • Workforce flexibility


  • Time to market
  • Time to delivery


  • Product quality
  • Process quality
  • Safety
  • Security

Now ask yourself – what is your current performance against these three KPIs? Can you tell me how you performed in the last hour, yesterday or last week?

If you can’t answer this question for all three because you aren’t measuring the data, then the next step is clear. Figure out what data you need to enable you to measure it, and decide how you are going to collect that data.

If you can answer it historically; last week or last month – ask yourself, is this retrospective view sufficient for me to really make improvements?

If you can answer it for all three up to the minute, then it is quite possible that shopfloor intelligence isn’t a number one priority for you. Look out for parts 2 and 3 of this blog series for some more insights into how you can make the data work for you.