The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us.

Industry 4.0

You may have heard about Industry 4.0 — or the 4th Industrial Revolution. Using ‘Big Data’, high levels of automation, and artificial intelligence to optimise manufacturing operations and supply chains, Industry 4.0 promises to radically alter the industrial landscape in New Zealand and around the world.

As trusted partners of Callaghan Innovation, EMA and TUV SUD, LMAC are the Industry 4.0 experts for manufacturing in New Zealand. 

See our customer journey below for more information on how we can help your business. Get in touch to discuss which phase is right for your organisation’s Industry 4.0 journey.

In partnership with:

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The Industry 4.0 demonstration network

We are working with Callaghan Innovation on part of the Government’s Industry 4.0 Demonstration Network, to fund limited opportunities provided by the EMA and LMAC to assess your facility for Industry 4.0 readiness. 

Learn more about our Industry 4.0 network of site visits initiative here.

The Journey:

Phase 01.

The Eye-Opener Intro Workshop

Industry 4.0 is without doubt the latest buzzword in manufacturing. Our eye-opener workshop is designed to do exactly that – open your eyes to what’s possible with Industry 4.0  and show manufacturing businesses exactly what it entails.

LMAC runs both open workshops – where one or two key stakeholders can get insights – and on-site interactive workshops for businesses wishing to upskill entire teams. The sessions are designed to show what is possible with Industry 4.0, why it affects all parts of a business and, the benefits to be realised.

The details

  • Half-day workshops on site at your business, typically for the operational leadership team;
  • Copies of all training materials for internal use going forward;
  • ‘Go.Look.See’ Specific, real life examples with interactive sessions to understand how Industry 4.0 could be used to solve the challenges holding back your business.

Regional Business Partners often have funding available for training and upskilling staff. Feel free to talk to us about applying for this funding.

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Phase 02.

Smart Industry Readiness Index Assessment

LMAC are the only certified delivery partners of the SIRI assessment process in New Zealand. Developed by a world class working group between the world’s most advanced technology companies and backed by the World Economic Forum, SIRI measures a business’ current maturity and looks at its strategic ambitions to deliver a high-level roadmap of priorities. These priorities focus on delivering value and return on investment on a scale and time frame that suits your business.

“The SIRI assessment was a thorough top to bottom assessment of Oasis Engineering’s Industry 4.0 systems and processes.

From the results we were able to develop an Industry 4.0 roadmap and clearly define our priorities for the next 2 to 3 years and beyond”
– Kevin Flint, General Manager Oasis Engineering Ltd

Funding is available to support business with this part of the journey. For more information click here.

The details

During a four-day engagement (including three days on site) two of our Industry 4.0 experts will guide the leadership team to the following outcomes:

  • A clear current maturity of your business;
  • A benchmark globally against industry competitors;
  • A cost profile and priority KPIs for your Industry 4.0 journey to achieve;
  • A debrief with high-level roadmap of key opportunities;
  • Any lean or continuous improvement opportunities to give a solid foundation;
  • One scoped quick win opportunity with technology examples and clear guided next steps to implementation.
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Phase 03.

Data Analytics Pathway & Industry 4.0 Road mapping engagement

Following the SIRI assessment process, businesses have an engaged senior team often hungry to start their Industry 4.0 journey. As with any transformation or change management programme we need a plan to guide our direction and focus.

Using the high-level opportunities and key future deliverables from phase 2, we work with your team to develop a detailed roadmap and data analytics pathway which in turn allows us to develop a detailed deliverable roadmap for your business to achieve its Industry 4.0 objectives.

The details

Typically a multi-day on-site engagement (depending on the scope) with one of our Industry 4.0 experts, working directly with your team to deliver:

  • A data analytics pathway— clear direction on what data is needed to deliver a successful Industry 4.0 journey; 
  • A detailed roadmap of facilitated sessions and project implementations linked to deliverable milestones.


We have developed a quick exercise to test your data maturity. Try now.

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Phase 04.

Support to deliver your roadmap & Digital Lean programme

Most often, businesses ask us to work with them to help them deliver their Industry 4.0 roadmap. By facilitating the relevant sessions, coaching, change management tools and techniques, and setting up project governance and steering, we ensure your team are equipped to deliver the roadmap outcomes successfully. The scope and time allocated to this phase varies depending on internal resourcing, experience and project timescales.

The details

The support phase is typically structured as follows:

  • Identification of roadmap elements that require support;
  • Required training workshops on change management, problem solving or other continuous improvement methodologies;
  • On-going on site coaching and support of specific initiatives. 

Funding is available to support businesses with the implementation phase of their roadmap. See Callaghan Innovations Digital Lean programme for details as well as a case study of how this funding allowed one of our clients to achieve a game changing level of insight from their data.

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Phase 05.

Solution Provider Verification and Governance

One of the most daunting parts of implementing Industry 4.0 can be selecting the right solution partners. Partners who will deliver on their promises, keep your roadmap on track and ensure it delivers the desired outcomes.

As an impartial authority on Industry 4.0, LMAC has developed a structured process to ensure you select the right providers. We also act as expert governance professionals ensuring providers are working together seamlessly to deliver the roadmap.

The details

What does phase five provide for our clients?

  • Access to our pre-vetted network of specialist providers;
  • Guided support through our specially designed selection process;
  • An agreed frequency of governance/steering reviews (aligned to your Industry 4.0 roadmap).
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Test your data maturity


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Industry 4.0 Report – Free Download

Complete the questions below to test your data maturity.

Over the next two years, which three of the 14 key performance indicators do you most want to improve on as a business?

Make a note of these before you carry on reading.

The key 14 performance indicator categories:


  • Asset & equipment efficiency
  • Inventory efficiency
  • Materials efficiency
  • Utilities efficiency
  • Workforce efficiency


  • Planning & scheduling effectiveness
  • Production flexibility
  • Workforce flexibility


  • Time to market
  • Time to delivery


  • Product quality
  • Process quality
  • Safety
  • Security

Now ask yourself – what is your current performance against these three KPIs? Can you tell me how you performed in the last hour, yesterday or last week?

If you can’t answer this question for all three because you aren’t measuring the data, then the next step is clear. Figure out what data you need to enable you to measure it, and decide how you are going to collect that data.

If you can answer it historically; last week or last month – ask yourself, is this retrospective view sufficient for me to really make improvements?

If you can answer it for all three up to the minute, then it is quite possible that shopfloor intelligence isn’t a number one priority for you. Look out for parts 2 and 3 of this blog series for some more insights into how you can make the data work for you.